Thursday, November 15, 2007

Back With Desktop Linux

I finally got my laptop fixed (with a slight small cosmetic problem, but it's on the bottom so no biggie) and now I can once again run omg lightning fast Pentium M! (That's a joke of course). But seriously, because I can now run it at full speed without any of the heat problems, I decided to slap back on Linux again on to my laptop. Now as I'm sure you can tell from the right, I have Ubuntu 7.10 Linux on my laptop, althouh I am thinking about also trying SLED 10 also. I was originally going to try openSuse 10.3, for the simple fact I had really liked 10.1 with KDE, but it seems from many recent reviews, that I might be better with a more stable offering such as SLED (Suse Linux Enterprise Desktop).As of right now, it's still only Ubuntu, and Ubuntu's next release (due out in April) will be a Long Term Support release, meaning Ubuntu will support it for many years longer than most releases, meaning there's a bit more documentation and a lot more bug fixing, so I once the LTS is released I may very well stay with that one for a while.

Now enough rambling, here are some screenshots of my beautiful desktop. Remember, this is Linux.

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