Monday, October 29, 2007

Early Christmas List

Because it's never too early to post stuff you can't afford right? Of course not! So here goes a few things!

Computer!! Of course

Yep, that's right, a computer on Ebay. Good for several reasons. One, it's cheaper than buying at retail. Two, it provides a 64-bit extended processor that, though not quite as efficient as Intel Core Duo, still outstrips my current Pentium M (especially with it only at 1Ghz), gives ample room for memory for much larger applications, and an Intel video card (open specs, great for Linux and alternative OS's).

Total Price: Approximately $380.00 (Including Shipping)

Men's Phoenix and Dragon Ring

Why? Because it has my two favorite icons: the Phoenix, symbol of rebirth and healing (Phoenix Tears), and the Dragon, symbol of strength, power, and rule. It's also sterling silver, meaning it's not expensive. My only gripe isn't even with the ring itself, but how it's described. It is *not* a wedding band. Sorry guys.

Total Price: Approximately $29.00 (Including Shipping)

Lot of 5 Xbox Games

Because, unfortunately, I no longer have an Xbox 360 and just a regular Xbox, with a handful of games. However, this lot has two games I'd love (Need For Speed Most Wanted, and Madden), along with a game from a series I love (Oddworld), and one I've always wanted to try (Battlefield).

Total Price: Approximately $22.00 - $37.00 (Bid or Buy It Now).

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