Monday, October 29, 2007


Sometimes it's hard to forget that Life is not a movie. I guess it comes in bad habit of watching a few too many of them. At times, I will look back at life and remember that this truly is not what I expected, but am happy none the less. From watching movies, everything seemed easier, and no matter what it worked out in the end. What they don't show unfortunately is the amount of shear work that has to be put in with every drop in order to make those things work. We also don't think about the situations that happen in movies. Think about it, when a dog goes on the carpet in a movie, it's funny as the character wrinkles her nose and gives a sour face. In real life, it's just sour. I will always be a big fan of movies, and I love them for the shear factor of forgetting reality for an hour and a half, and they always have those little lessons to never forget, but there's much more to learn in real life.

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