Monday, October 29, 2007

New Dog. Chinese Food?

Okay, so it's true, we did get a new dog. His name is Domino, and is a black lab mixed with something else that we're not quite sure about. And yes, we're not really supposed to have pets, but so far we haven't really run into too many problems with that, except the occasional dirty look from people without pets. The main problem we have run into with this is taking the dog out to potty, since we cant really do that when the Landlord is working, which means we have to take him out after 7PM, causing the occasional accident (thank god the dog is smart enough to at least not go on the carpet), and we did buy some newspaper for that just in case. If there is one thing though that may make us have an additional meal of Chinese towards the end of the week, it's chewing. So far the dog has chewed completely apart an Xbox controller and Nintendo 64 controller, along with part of our box spring for our bed and recently caught with my shoe! Which may get permanently get stuck up it's behind if I catch that again. We're trying to teach him about the chewing but so far, it's his worse habit. What's even more frustrating is that he wont chew the bones that we bought for him to chew on! Frustrating. But, the dog is cute.

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